Nowadays mobile repair vans for just about any possible automotive or household issues are commonplace. There’s of course Roto-Rooter for that clogged toilet, Dent Doctor for paintless dent removal for your car and don’t forget the numerous HVAC mobile vans keeping houses cosey regardless of the weather outside. But if you have drywall damage, you’ve been left to try it yourself, hire a busy drywall company, contractor or a handyman that doesn’t specialize in just drywall.

There has to be a better way to have your drywall damage, holes and cracks patched. Now there is. Introducing Patch-Pro!

Portland Area Mobile Drywall Repair

When a home builder and high-end contractor decided to create a new startup in the Portland metro area, Patch Pro was born. Though mobile drywall repair is something new in the Portland area, and across the country for that matter, we saw a growing need that homeowners had that wasn’t getting filled by busy contractors and drywall companies, so we created it.

With the latest construction boom and housing cost explosion in Portland, Beaverton and surrounding Oregon suburbs, homeowners were finding that getting typical drywall or construction companies to get smaller projects and repairs done extremely difficult. In fact, we’ve heard from many homeowners that just getting a call back from a contractor about their drywall damage in the Portland area was nearly impossible. That screamed opportunity for us, and it turns out we were right.

Drywall fix - Before and afterIt turns out that nearly every household in America has some kind of drywall damage that needs repair. This includes holes, cracks, water damage or other accidental wall blemish that requires both drywall patching, texturing and finishing. If you’ve ever tried to repair damage to your wall on your own, you know that there’s a big difference to fixing a drywall hole and professionally patching repairing that hole. One is nearly as visible to everyone as before it was “fixed” and the other leaves virtually no noticeable evidence that any previous damage ever existed. We repair your drywall damage like it never existed before!

What’s Mobile Drywall Repair?

Drywall hole fix - Before and afterWe’ve made getting drywall repair simple, fast and cost effective for homeowners across the Portland area. Our expert drywall repair service covers cracks, holes, water damage and many other needed drywall repair. Our mobile technicians get the details about your drywall issues, your location and specifics, then we get you a price and schedule your drywall repair visit.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, our drywall patch technician always arrives at the designated time and gets to work. We analyze the drywall hole or crack, then go through our proven process to cut out the damaged drywall area, replace the area with a new, matching drywall patch, tape the seams and apply mud to those seams.

Next, our trained drywall patch technician applies a matching texture to the affected area that is being patched to perfectly match the wall texture surrounding the drywall repair. If you have the exact paint used on the walls, we will even give it a couple coats of paint to leave it unnoticeable and completely repaired the same day!

Done the same day: One of the advantages to what we do is that the day we come to begin your drywall repair project is the same day your patch will be completed. Yes, same day service is how we do things.

What We do

before and after drywall repairUnlike most drywall companies and contractors, Patch Pro Portland only does mobile drywall repair and patches. So we aren’t doing 10 other bathroom or kitchen remodels, nor are we doing new home construction bulk drywall hanging projects for home builders. We focus specifically on fixing drywall damage for customers, doing wall textures and installing amazing accent walls.

Because we specialize in these specific drywall repair and enhancements, we are able to handle more customers quickly. We don’t consider one door knob wall hole too small to call you back and we don’t charge an arm and a leg to get your wall damage repaired perfectly, on time and at a reasonable cost.

So whether you are in Yamhill County, Washington County, Beaverton, Sherwood, Salem or McMinnville, Patch Pro is your fast and simple drywall repair service. Click here to get started.

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