There’s nothing that can quite get a homeowner inspired and imaginative like a walk through the Street of Dreams. For many, this unique experience, which has been happening each summer in Oregon since 1975, is truly a place to dream. But it’s also a place for ideas.

After a visit to the Street of Dreams, people find themselves running back to their homes anxious to get started on a remodel project of their home. In this, maybe, just maybe, they can emulate something they saw in these new homes that feature some of the latest trends in Portland residential construction. Thousands upon thousands will have this same experience as they flock to South Hillsboro for the latest installment of this summer classic as well as get a glimpse into the future of what’s coming to the Westside of Portland.

But, first thing is first, let’s not get too carried away. Where does one even begin? How about with adding some character to your home?

Put Some Texture On It

Wall textures in Portland metro areaWhether you are doing a home remodel and need to add the final touches with some wall texturing, want to create a design feature by texturing a wall in your home, or simply match an existing wall texture for a more seamless feel, there are many reasons what homeowners want and in some cases, need textured walls.

Drywall texture can add some character to your home while at the same time, also cover up imperfections and flaws. Which texture is best for your home? Here are three of those reasons.

3 Reasons Why Homeowners Want Textured Walls


So, you have put up new drywall and taken care of all of the seams with mud and tape, but now need some texture applied.


Maybe you are wanting to match a specific drywall texture from one part of your home to another.


Or you might want to have a specific drywall texturing applied to a wall to create a specific effect.


Maybe you have repaired some damage to your drywall and now need to match the texture of the rest of your walls.

Now that you’ve decided that wall texturing is next on your list of to-do’s in your home, what are some of the different types of drywall textures available?

Here Are 4 Main Types Of Drywall Textures

Wall Texture Types

Certainly, there are many more, but to get your imagination flowing with ideas on what will be just right for your home, here are 4 types of drywall textures.

Orange Peel

Orange Peel texturing is also known as splatter or eggshell, but derives its name from looking like the skin of an orange. This texture is perfect for hiding those wall and ceiling imperfections. And, if a smooth finish is not your thing, orange peel texturing makes a great alternative. This type of texture also plays well with modern styles and compliments most decor.


If you’re a fan of stucco and skip trowels, then you will find this rustic flattened texture, known as Knockdown, somewhat familiar. It’s the perfect texture for hiding those minor surface flaws. This look is casual, yet elegant and compliments a wide range of decor.

Sand Swirl

Popular in the Eastern and Midwestern part of the United States, the sand swirl texture can be seen in walls, but most commonly is applied to ceilings. The swirl texture, is named for the swirled pattern of half circles it leaves across the ceiling. This popular type of texture is a great way to add character to a home.

Popcorn ceilingPopcorn

For many people, they have lived their entire lives around popcorn texture and didn’t know it. This type of texture, which is also known as Acoustic, has been a staple for finishing ceilings for its cost, ease for install, noise dampening qualities, and ability to hide flaws. But many of us have grown to dislike the look that beckons the 70’s.

Adding some texturing to your walls can be a lot of work. And quite frankly, is really an art form for craftsmen who do this type of work every day.

Put Your Home On The Street Of Dreams

Well, maybe your home won’t officially be on the Street of Dreams, but it is your home and there is no reason it can’t be the home of your dreams.

Patch Pro provides drywall texture services also. We can match existing wall textures in your home to a new wall that has new drywall, or we can texture a wall in your home and make it a design feature. We offer many textures, styles and finishes for your drywall and we make it easy and affordable. You can tell us about your drywall texture needs here as we’d love to be a part of your next project.

Who Is Patch Pro?

We are a locally owned and operated company with over 22 years of industry experience. We value honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. We specialize in drywall repair, and services that are customizable to each individual project. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as our commitment to outstanding results. We look forward to building lasting relationships with our clients and guarantee your satisfaction.

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