Portland - Get your home ready to sellGetting ready to sell your home can be an overwhelming thought for many. Even for homeowners who have labored hard over the years to ensure upkeep and maintenance was always front of mind, it can be really easy to overlook things.

From making sure those first impressions provide the prospective home buyer all the feels to wanting to make sure there isn’t any awkward, “How come this isn’t working?” or “What’s up with that wall?” moments, a lot of detail should go into the process.

After all, when you are wanting to sell, you want to be making sure that there are no surprises and that the potential buyer walks away with nothing to leverage as they seek to also get the price they want.

So, what are those critical items that can’t be overlooked that homeowners need to be mindful of when getting ready to put their home on the market?

Identify Things To Fix With A Pre-Sale Inspection

For many sellers, to help with the process, they opt for a pre-sale inspection. In this, it is a great way to avoid any surprises by identifying any items that will need fixing before you put your house up for sale. Certainly, this will cost some money, but when compared with the potential amount you could end up losing by missing things that should have been taken care of, it can be an investment well worth it.

Frankly, if you aren’t a contractor, home inspector, or even a real estate agent, chances are, you are going to miss some things. But, if you are wanting to get top dollar for your home, you have to come to play. Of course, you will end up having to get an inspection anyway as the buyer will not get any loans without it, being proactive here can in the long run both save you money and time.

4 Things To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Narrowing down this list to just 4 things not to overlook before you prepare to sell your home is an impossible task. For many, a simple walk through and around with a clipboard in hand might just add up to a dozen more. But think back to when you purchased your home, what was important to you? What did you learn about what you didn’t consider after you moved in? In other words, be the buyer.

Walls & Ceilings

ceiling repair - crack damageOf course, walls and ceilings can be dinged up over time. Damage from nail holes and cracks or dents from, well, we’ll let you fill in the blank, to even water damage from a leak, sometimes we miss that which is the most obvious.

But think about it, often times it’s the wall or ceiling that provide your space with an overall impression of your space, or even offer an accent of personality that can set the tone for good, or bad. Repairing those walls with a well done patching and then even some texturing is imperative. You can learn more about this by clicking here.


getting home ready to sell - fix bathroom faucetYep, it’s time to finally, and once and for all, fix that toilet that always seems to be running or maybe that faucet with the slow drip. We live in a busy world and we get it, if something is not always front of mind, we unintentionally, put it off. Other items to consider in the bathroom is grout. It is a good idea to either clean up the grout or to simply replace it. How are the tiles? Do any need to be replaced? Do you have old wallpaper, maybe it’s time to freshen up the space with a fresh coat of paint?


If there is a space in the home where families and guests dwell the most, it’s no doubt, the kitchen. Showcasing a functional kitchen that allows the prospect to dream a little about family gatherings or having friends over for a fun night of food and entertainment is definitely something not to overlook. And, did you catch that? Having a kitchen that is both functional and “entertaining guests” ready can go a long way. Of course, painting, countertops, and lighting is all very important. But don’t overlook cabinetry that is efficient as well as an audit on all the knobs and handles. Keeping an eye on these details will make a difference.

Siding & Roofing

selling home - repair siding and roofingOut of site and out of mind can often bite the homeowner in the arm, and with siding, especially on the parts of the house you don’t frequent often, this could be the case. Since most homeowners rarely, if ever get on their roof, it is often overlooked for maintenance and repairs until there is some kind of trouble. Both of these are common issues that arise in the Portland area when it comes time for home inspections and offers come in during the sale process. Too often homeowners wait on these items and it costs them when it really counts.

Remodeling Magazine did a study where homeowners will or will not recoup their investments in remodeling their home and guess what project recouped the most? That’s right, according to the study, siding replacement recouped a whopping 92.8 of its cost. So, be sure to look at your siding for damage that needs attention.

Fixing Everything At Once Falls On Those Who Wait

Of course, there are many areas not to overlook when getting your home ready to sell. We recommend getting started today. With clipboard in hand, simply audit each room in your house as well as your exterior. With what needs fixed or updated on paper, you now have a roadmap to work from. And remember, not everything needs to be done all at once, well, that is, unless you decide to wait. And then, you’ll have no choice, plus, you will also pay more too.

Will You Be Ready To Sell?

Frankly, getting your house ready to go on the market is a major undertaking. And, it might be years before it is even a consideration. But, taking the time to get started now could be a major investment in your future plans, and will no doubt impact the enjoyment and satisfaction you will gain with living life and making memories within your home.

In doing so, when and if you want to sell, guess what? You will be ready to sell.

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