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Accent walls made from wood, stone or brick.

Accent Walls

Is your Portland area home screaming for a beautiful accent wall? We have you covered. We create custom Portland accent walls in wood plank, wood flooring, reclaimed wood, stone accent wall and even brick. We help with design and then complete the accent wall installation in the Portland area quickly and professionally.

Let us help you make your dream accent wall a reality!

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Some Recent Portland Accent Walls

Bathroom Accent Wall

Using old fence boards we transformed a dull Portland half bath into something warm and extraordinary with a custom accent wall!

Wood Accent Wall

A clean high-end accent wall for a Portland area homeowever that wanted to go from a plain living room wall to a clean and classy more formal look!

Beautiful Portland Accent Walls:

Patch Pro Drywall and Finishes has teamed up with a local lumber company and Troi Barnum Designs to bring you NW Lap. With all the hype and exposure for Shiplap coming out of the south by Chip and Johanna Gains, stars of the popular show Fixer Upper, we decided Portland needed its own version of a fun reclaimed accent wall treatment.

Our NW lap comes in two versions a 3-1/4 by 5/8” plank and a random assortment of planks from 1-1/4 planks to 3-1/4 planks made up of all different thickness. All designed by Troi Barnum and milled by PatchPro to give your wall the ultimate local, reclaimed, and textured accent wall a look that will set your home apart and bring that warm feeling into your space.

Shiplap Accent Wall Example Styles/Colors:

A Product of Reclamation, Collaboration and Creativity:

The NW Lap product is rescued and reclaimed wood from becoming a waste product of a local lumber mill. Each week dozens of rough sawn custom beams are milled for new homes and it creates truckloads of wasted by product destined for the landfill or to be burned as firewood. The lumber company is always seeking ways to create less waste and steward the trees and forest products in which they harvest. When we mentioned the idea they were very excited to be involved, but we knew we could not just take wasted mill ends and nail them to your wall and call them cool, so this is where Troi Barnum Designs and full collaboration come together. We brought her in to design the patterns and color pallets for it to become a product that feels like home and is worthy of being your wall finish.  She has selected 7 colors for this season and worked to create the perfect textured looks from this amazing wood.

Custom versions and colors are available outside of our standard line. We are happy to set up a meeting with you to create the perfect custom accent wall for your home that will personalize your space.

Portland Area Accent Walls:

We do amazing  wood, stone and wallpaper accent walls across the greater Portland Metro area. From Portland south to Salem and west to Beaverton, Tualatin, Tigard, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Cornelius, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Sherwood, McMinnville, Newberg, Woodburn, Wilsonville.