Have you considered an accent wall for your Portland area home?

So your home needs a little love. But, you have a tight budget. While you’re not ready to take out a loan to do a full-scale remodel, there is one thing you can do that can change the entire look and feel of any space in the home. It’s called an accent wall or a feature wall and with just a little bit of creativity and a relatively small budget, you can add a renewed look and feel to any room.

What Is An Accent Wall?

Oftentimes referred to as a feature wall, the accent wall is one, that in design, differs from the other walls in that same room. Whether it be by color, design, or material, with just the right touch, you can make your home come alive and pop with personality.

Get Your Walls Accent Ready

Do your walls have drywall holes, cracks or any damage? Why keep an eye sore when you can keep your home feeling loved, respected, and just plain special? With some expert drywall repair you can get your accents walls ready for a splash of life and a whole look and feel to your home.

After being patched up and made ready, the options are nearly limitless in what you can do to a room by way of the an accent wall update. However, you might just as well be satisfied with some basic repairs and then some wall texturing. But for those who are ready to make a noticeable impact that will make any room one you just want to spend all of your time in, here are a handful of accent wall ideas for you to consider.

4 Accent Wall Ideas For You To Consider

Although, the sky is nearly the limit with how you can make the rooms of your Portland area home pop with an accent or feature wall, here are just 4 ideas, of many, that you can consider as you ready to bring a little personality to the place where memories are made.

New ColorPortland wood feature wall

The least expensive and easiest way to create an accent wall in your home is by giving it personality by way of color. Often times, taking not much more than a gallon of paint and an afternoon, you can transform any room. Make sure to take into account the other colors in that same room. If it’s warm, keep it warm. Be careful with neutral colors.

Wood Plank

If you are looking to make a big impact, consider a wood plank feature wall. Guaranteed to add a touch of warmth to any room, just adding accents of wood can provide a rich texture that will give your home something special.

Stone Accent

Add a little Old World style to your home with a stone feature wall. For those who are looking not for color or something bold, but instead, something neutral, look no further than adding texture to the accent wall of choice. With a stone accent wall, you’ll get just that.


Brick feature wall in Portland OregonGive your space a rustic vibe and texture with a brick accent wall. For certain, a brick accent wall will establish a focal point in any room that is both timeless and filled with character. For the kitchen, a brick backsplash will make a statement that will wow your dinner guests. Expanding that idea to family or great rooms will give your home personality-plus, that is almost always on point.

Do you have a dream accent / feature wall?

What’s your game plan to making that dream a reality?

Why not get started today to making your home, truly a place, that feels like home?

Patch Pro Does Accent Walls Too?

If your Portland area home is screaming for a beautiful accent wall, or a feature wall – we have you covered. Patch Pro does accent walls, too. We create custom Portland area accent and feature walls in wood plank, wood flooring, reclaimed wood, stone accent wall and even brick. We help with design and then complete the accent wall installation in the Portland area quickly and professionally, at a cost much lower than you might expect.

Patch Pro Makes Your Feature Walls Like New

Simply put, Patch Pro does Portland drywall repair exclusively. Unlike most other drywall repair contractors in the Portland area, we focus on drywall patches instead of typical drywall contractor services. We make your Portland drywall holes, cracks and damage go away. Our mobile drywall patch service handles all of your damaged walls, drywall holes and blemishes. We not only patch your damaged drywall, we make sure that the Portland drywall repair is textured and finished like new! And we do it all for a reasonable price.

Does Your Home Need Some Love?

Are you ready to give your Portland home a renewed look that is fresh and filled with character and personality? Why not consider an accent wall or a feature wall? If your home is ready for some love, Patch Pro would love to help make your dream accent walls a reality.

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